Will Robbie Ross Survive the Bull Pen?


The Texas Rangers have put left-handed pitcher Robbie Ross back in the bull pen due to the fact that he was less than effective in his last few outings as a starter. Ross really wanted to be a starter, and he seemed to prepare himself for that role and even started the season well, but then things went down hill for Robbie Ross. In his first three starts of 2014, Robbie Ross gave up just 2 earned runs, striking out 13 while walking 8. Since then in six starts, Robbie has allowed 24 earned runs while striking out 21 and walking 8. His big problem has been the long ball, of which he gave up 5 in those 8 starts.

Robbie had a good first outing out of the pen, and maybe the pen is where he wants to be now, but I doubt it. Not every pitcher that has ever tried to make the switch from reliever to starter has done so successfully, and Robbie Ross appears to fall into that category. The question is how will he now do back in the pen. Robbie Ross has been a great asset for the Texas Rangers coming out of he bull pen over the last few seasons, and I am very hopeful that he will be able to come in and get guys out. The Texas Rangers bull pen has been erratic at best this season, and a good left-handed reliever would be just what the doctor ordered for the Texas Rangers right now.

It is yet to be seen if Robbie Ross will survive the “demotion”, so to speak, back to the pen. I hope he does not look at it as a demotion, but that he looks at it as a chance to be where he has been his best for the Texas Rangers. If he looks at it that way, then he will survive the pen. If he looks at it like Roy Oswalt did, then the Texas Rangers are going to have just another unreliable reliever in the bull pen. I hope Robbie Ross goes with option one.