Yu Darvish top 10 moments

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1.  Making batters look confused, silly, off balanced and made

If there is one thing that Yu Darvish can do, it is throw batters off.  He’s able to switch from a 94 MPH fastball to a 59 curve ball with ease.   What is even more amazing about those pitches and the varying speeds is that most of the time they are strikes.

Here are a few clips of Darvish making some amazing pitches.

Yu Darvish freezes Jim Thome with a great pitch to earn the strikeout and get out of the sixth inning (10/5/12)

Yu Darvish notches his ninth strikeout of the ballgame, getting Chris Iannetta swinging to end the eighth inning (9/20/12)

Yu Darvish strikes out Chris Carter swinging for the first out of the eighth inning (4/2/13)

Miguel Cabrera

swings and misses on a wicked 62 MPH breaking ball from Yu Darvish, causing the slugger to smile on his way back to box (5/26/2013)

Yu Darvish freezes

Adam LaRoche

on a 59-mph eephus pitch, striking him out looking in the 4th inning (6/1/14)