Can the Rangers bring their road success home?


Winning is fun! Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was a pretty sweet road trip, was it not? Your Texas Rangers won two 4-game series in Detroit (take that Kins!) and Minnesota. They dropped a series in DC, but still finished 7-4 on the trip. Not too shabby!

As it turns out, the Rangers are one game better on the road now than at home; 13-13 at home and 16-15 on the road. They’ve played a few more road games to this point than home games.

But, here comes our old friend June.  She comes bearing tidings of great joy! (AKA home games and off days) Yay! We love June!

Your Texas Rangers start a 9-game home stand tonight against Baltimore, who coincidentally plays slightly better on the road too (11-12 home; 17-15 road). Then it’s 4 against the Indians and 2 against the Marlins (I’m still getting used to this interleague play everyday thing, btw). In case you’re wondering, the Indians are horrendous on the road (9-19) and so are the Marlins (8-17).

Alright, alright alright! …In my Matthew McConaughey voice. And yes I had to Google how to spell “McConaughey”.

But I digress.

June could be a make or break month for our beloved Texas Rangers. With Oakland playing .614 ball right now, I’m not sure we can afford to get any further behind…well, if we plan on playing more than 162 games this season that is. As it stands, we’re 6 games back of 1st place. But, of our 8 opponents this month, only two are more than 4 games over .500; Oakland and Detroit. We also play another division foe this month; the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim…or wherever it is they play. (Would it kill them to pick a city?!)

Add in the afore mentioned gifts of June (4 off days and 2 long home stands) and this might be the perfect time to make up some ground!

So what are we looking at? For starters: (See what I did there?)

Ubaldo Jimenez (4.65 ERA) vs. Joe Saunders (4.15 ERA) tonight

Bud Norris (4.04 ERA) vs. Nick Martinez (2.75 ERA)

Miguel Gonzalez (4.17 ERA) vs. Colby Lewis (5.44 ERA)

Oh…and Nelly Cruz will make his Rangers ballpark return tonight. And suddenly I’m having Game 6 flashbacks. Blagh.

But, June is looking up Rangers fans! Or at least I’m telling myself that. What do you think is in store for us this month?

57 down, 105 to go.

Your Texas Rangers are 29-28.