Alexi Ogando to the Disabled List


The Texas Rangers announced today that they have put Alexi Ogando on the disabled list with elbow inflammation. He apparently complained of elbow trouble after the game last night, where he came in and did a horrendous job. The Texas Rangers have recalled Aaron Poreada to take his place on the team.

Alexi Ogando is having a very bad season, and this elbow thing might explain why he has been having so much trouble. He has been anything but consistent this season, unless you want to say he has been consistently bad. Dr Keith Meister will take a look at him later today to see what needs to be done about it. The first date he would be able to return would be June 19.

The Texas Rangers have needed help all season int he bull pen, and Alexi Ogando has been one of the ones that has been the worst. While you never want to hope that someone is hurt, but I hope that this explains why Alexi Ogando has been so bad this season. Something needs to explain how bad he has been.

Tonight they play the Orioles again, and this time it will be without Alexi Ogando inthe eighth. I sure hope that means a different result.