Alexi Ogando Update


The Texas Rangers have announced that Alexi Ogando will not need surgery. At least that is what we are hearing right now.

Just some wear and tear on the elbow. With all of the injuries and surgeries that the Texas Rangers have needed so far in 2014, color me skeptical about the fact that Alexi Ogando is not going to need surgery. If you follow me at all you know that I have been more than critical of Ogando in 2014, and I also thought he should never have been made as starter a couple years ago. Same with Neftali Feliz but that is a different story for a different day.

With Tanner Scheppers returning and Alexi Ogando going to the DL for a few weeks, maybe this team can finally start assigning roles again for the bull pen, then again, my feeling on the matter is that someone is probably going to get hurt again, since that has been the season so far. But like I said, I am pretty jaded about this season so far.