Tanner Scheppers Returns as a Reliever


Tanner Scheppers has been re-activated for the Texas Rangers according to multiple sources close to the team.

Tanner Scheppers, who has been on the disabled list with inflamation in his elbow, will be returned to the placed that he was so effective for the Texas Rangers the bull pen. Aaron Poreda (or the human ping-pong ball, as I like to call him) has been sent back down to Round Rock to wait for another injury apparently.

Scheppers has been very successful in the past in his late inning role in the pen, and I for one am hoping that he will be back to his old self now that he will be in the pen once again. It will be interesting to me, at least, to see what kind of role Ron Washington decides to put Tanner back into. Will he be a important part of the back end of that bull pen or will be be the long man since he was the starter for a while.

Anyway, I have a feeling that we will see Tanner Scheppers tonight as Ron usually likes to let them get their feet wet pretty quickly. We will see.