Adrian Beltre Could Use Some Help


Last night the Texas Rangers fell to the Baltimore Orioles again, this time 6-5. Adrian Beltre, serving as the designated hitter for the team, provided the team with 5 RBI of the Rangers 5 runs. That’s right, Adrian Beltre was the Texas Rangers offense last night.

As mentioned on this site during the Rangers winning streak over the last week or so, this team is going to go through ups and downs during the season. Who would have guessed that on any given night the Ranger would have an infield of Robinson Chirinos (C), Mitch Moreland (1B), Rougned Odor (2B), Luis Sardinas (SS), and Donnie Murphy (3B) with Nick Martinez pitching? I would have not put that lineup together in a million years.

Adrian Beltre had a good game, and so did Shin-Soo Choo for the most part. But Beltre cannot do it all alone. The Rangers are extremely inconsistent at the plate right now, and that is too be expected with all of the inexperienced youth that they are playing with right now. The Rangers need the vets like Moreland and Alex Rios to come on at the same time as Beltre if this team is going to sustain any kind if winning streak.

While I am happy to see Adrian Beltre hitting the ball so well, I am a little frustrated at the way the team just can’t seem to close a game out. Again, youth equals mistakes, like the two errors on Sardinas in the first three innings that really cost the Rangers the game. Hopefully the Rangers can give Beltre a little bit of back up today by getting an RBI or two without his help. Lets see if they can salvage the series tonight.