Alex Rios stock starting to sky rocket


Arlington – Texas Rangers right fielder Alex Rios has been one of the best players on the team this season.  Ever since he joined the team last season he has been doing his best to help make the Rangers a winning ball club.

Last season during the month of September he carried the team after Nelson Cruz was out serving his 50-game suspension.  During that month he batted .291 and helped the team fight its way to a game 163.  Sadly the Texas Rangers were not able to beat the Tampa Bay Rays to extended the 2013 season.

In 2014 Alex Rios is doing it again.  Rios did have a bit of a slump last month, but that was barely long enough for anyone to notice. He finished the month of May with a batting average of .312 and is currently on a tear for the month of June batting .405.  He was named the club player of the month for the Texas Rangers

With his near golf like swing Rios continues to find the ball and it hit hard.  He has drilled two shots for triples this week (back-to-back days) to extended his total to a league leading 8.  The 8 triples matches a season career hit for Alex Rios.

Without Rios the Rangers might be in a tougher spot this season.  He’s done very well this season and might have even exceeded Jon Daniels expectations.  Besides his league leading triples, and club leading batting average he also leads the clubs in RBI with 32.

Keep an eye on Rios this for now, if the Rangers start to free fall out of contention for a playoff spot and his stock continues to rise they could easily trade him to help build the team for 2015 and beyond.  Hopefully the Texas Rangers don’t do that, he’s become a fan favorite and an asset to this team.

Watch his triple on June 8

Watch his triple on June 9