Jon Daniels Five Biggest Mistakes Since 2010

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Will anyone step up with Mike Napoli like fire?

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2. Mike Napoli –

The chants of “NAP-O-LI” used to ring out at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington every time Mike Napoli came to the plate. He hurt his ankle in the World Series and would have been the World Series MVP had the Texas Rangers hung on to win in 2011. The Rangers front office was worried about Naploi and his health, and so were the Red Sox if you remember right. They voided the original contract they signed with him and changed it to a one year instead of a three year deal. Either way, the Sox moved Napoli to first, and the rest is history. The Texas Rangers would have been better off keeping Napoli at first instead of bringing in Prince Fielder, but again that is easy in hindsight. I thought at the time and still think today that the Texas Ranger should have resigned Mike to a contract and kept him in a Texas Rangers uniform.