Texas Rangers Minor League Standouts on Offense


At the rate the Texas Rangers are being injured this season, it never hurts to keep up with the minors. Plus, if i do it for you then all you have to do is read this instead of going and doing all of the research yourself! I am trying to make life easy and entertaining for you! That is kind of our goal here! We will start with offense.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans: Now that Joey Gallo has moved up to the next level, I guess it is finally time for us to talk about someone else in the Pelicans organization! I am going to give you the top three in several categories. Those categories are:

Batting Average:

Outfielder Royce Bolinger – .308

Outfielder Nick Williams – .305

Second baseman Edwin Garcia – .300


Catcher Jorge Alfaro – 43

First baseman Preston Beck – 40

Second baseman Chris Bostick – 38

Home Runs:

Catcher Jorge Alfaro – 8

Second baseman Chris Bostick – 7

First baseman Preston Beck – 6

Of course Joey Gallo, future Texas Rangers third baseman, still leads the team in all three of these categories even though he is now with Frisco. He finished at A ball batting .333 with 21 home runs and 50 RBI. Just for the record.

Frisco Rough Riders:

Batting Average:

Short stop Michael De Leon – .333 (only 3 at bats so far, so I will do another one here.)

Third Baseman Guilder Rodriguez – .326

Infielder Odubel Herrera – .325

Catcher Tomas Telis – .320


Third baseman Ryan Rua – 38

Left fielder Jake Smolinski – 35

First baseman Trever Adams – 32

Home Runs:

Third baseman Ryan Rua – 10

Left fielder Jake Smolinski – 10

First baseman Trever Adams – 7

Round Rock Express:

Batting Average:

The first two leaders in this category only have a combined 15 at bats, so we will again do the three after them as well.

First baseman Carlos Pena – .333

Shortstop Juremi Profar – .333

Shortstop Andy Parrino – .309

First baseman Adam Rosales – .286

Third baseman Alex Bucholz – .283


Outfielder Jared Hoying – 42

First baseman Adam Rosales – 39

Left Fielder Bryan Petersen – 36

Home Runs:

Outfielder Jared Hoying – 13

Left Fielder Bryan Petersen – 8

Third baseman Brent Lillibridge – 6