Interview with Christopher Bostick


Jun 16, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Texas Rangers left fielder Michael Choice (15) rounds the bases on a two run home run against the Oakland Athletics during the fifth inning at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what many think, the Ranger’s trade with Oakland this off season was about more than just Michael Choice. It was also about Christopher Bostick. The Rangers grabbed themselves a quality all around second baseman who is putting together a solid all around season season. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his impressive season so far and here is what he had to say.

Me: You knew going into the season that you would be in a pitcher friendly league and a pitcher friendly ball park but you still are on pace for career highs in both home runs and doubles this year. Have you changed anything in your approach to elicit this power surge?

Christopher: No not really just staying within myself. The numbers just happen it isn’t anything you chase for and I don’t try to do too much you just trust yourself and know that you can do. You just stay with your approach and trust that the numbers will come

Me: Towards the end of May you tweeted that you have now hit in every spot in the lineup for 2 consecutive years. What about your approach at the plate allows your offensive game to be so versatile?

Christopher: I don’t know I think it’s just a little bit of everything. My reputation over the years has shown that I can do whatever the team needs me to do.

Me: This Myrtle Beach team has been something special to be a part of, clinching a first half title with more than a week left in the first half. What has playing on this team been like for you and what is the atmosphere like in the clubhouse?

Christopher: It’s been great and one of the best teams I’ve ever been on not only talent but how everyone acts. We are very close no matter who is leaving or coming and it is a place that everyone wants to be the comradery is unbelievable and there is no blame. We win and lose as a team. This is exactly what you’re looking for for Me: There has been a picture circling around twitter of some pregame bonding with you, Joey Gallo, and Zach Cone. Can you tell me what that was all about?

Christopher: Hahaha that was just a point in the season that we all had our little bumps and bruises from the grind and we all needed to get in the hot tub and that was the only time that we could do it so we all decided to do that together and have some fun with it rather than being late. That also plays into how close this team is as well.

Me: Not only is your offensive game well rounded, but the entirety of your game is very solid fundamentally all around. What facet of your game do you take the most pride in?

Christopher: I take pride in all of it. I find it important to be well rounded I try not to focus on one aspect but try to make myself a well-rounded player. It isn’t a business of getting good at one thing and letting things slide. When you get to Arlington they look for players who can do all things well and can deal with failure and be a positive impact on the clubhouse.

Me: This off season you were traded along with Michael Choice from division rival Oakland for Craig Gentry and Josh Lindbloom. If you get to the big leagues with Texas first, will you have any extra motivation to play well against Oakland because they traded you and had you met Michael Choice before or after the trade happened?

Christopher: No, no it’s nothing like that. I don’t need any extra motivation to do well in the big leagues. Everyone knows that it’s a business getting into it. There are transactions every single day in baseball. At the end of the day it’s something you know can happen. I have no malice towards the Oakland A’s organization and I greatly appreciate the opportunities they gave me. I have met Michael Choice in spring training and also I have hung out with him a few times outside of baseball. He is a very good player and a great mentor type player.  I could definitely see him having a very long and successful career in the MLB.

Me: The World cup has been going on since your All Star break, have you or your teammates been able to keep up with any of the games and do you have any pro teams that you follow during the season or in the off season?

Christopher: As far as the world cup I had never really watched soccer before last night I thought it was pretty tedious but last night I got to watch the US for the first time and it was exciting. My teammates have all been paying attention to the games. I have never really had a favorite pro team but I like to watch Lebron James play. He is probably the main pro athlete that I follow.

I’m glad I got a chance to catch up with Christopher Bostick this afternoon. You can listen to tonight’s game against the Carolina Mudcats starting at 7:00 PM ET

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. Special thanks to Nathan Barnett for helping set up this interview. Here is a video of Christopher’s walk off home run a month ago.