Ian Kinsler Returns to Arlington


Tonight, Ian Kinsler will return to Arlington, TX for the first time since being traded to the Detroit Tigers and making some unflattering comments about Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels.  I wrote an article at the time that Ian Kinsler’s comments were printed in ESPN the Magazine, and when I wrote it I was angry with him and his comments.

I have now had time to think about what Ian said, and really it was not as bad as I had originally thought. He took some shots at JD, but he did not take shots at his former teammates or at the Texas Rangers fan base. Jon Daniels is a big boy and can handle some bad comments from a former player.

I am not saying that I am happy or content with what he said, but who has not said something in anger that they wished later that they would not have said? I know that I have. The point is this: Ian is going to get booed tonight, and probably loudly, and I think that is wrong. Ian Kinsler gave the Texas Rangers eight good years, and we should thank him for that.

Ian Kinsler had a batting line of .273/.349/.454 with 156 home runs and 539 RBI, and he had a fielding percentage of .978 during his time in Texas. I am not suggesting that you should cheer him every time he gets up to bat in this series, but I do think a thank you applause his first time up is worth thinking about.

I also believe that if you feel the need to boo Ian Kinsler, that you paid for your ticket and you have every right to boo whoever you want. I don’t think it is wrong to boo him, I am just saying that I wouldn’t do it.

I know he is no longer a Texas Rangers player, but he was and he was a darn good one, and I think Rangers fans should acknowledge him for it tonight. Just my opinion. What do you think about his return tonight? Answer the poll question below! Thanks.