Will the Texas Rangers ever win again?


Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Probably not.  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I predict Ian Kinsler will eventually be correct as this current slide rolls into next season.  Then, after the 2015 season, your Texas Rangers will be 0-162, just as he predicted.  Did I mention I strongly dislike Ian Kinsler right now?

Anyhoo, those are ridiculous statements, but I actually said them aloud during last night’s game.  “ARE WE EVER GOING TO WIN AGAIN?!”  The 2014 season is a huge downer right now, and last night’s game had me thinking back on the 10-game losing streak of 1995.

Ahh…the 1995 Texas RangersPudge, and Gonzo, and Deano…oh my!  Big bats.  FAT pitches.  And not just from the opposing pitchers, unfortunately.  In July of that year, we lost 10 games in a row to the Orioles (4X), the Indians (2X), and the Yankees (4X).  July 17– 26, 1995 hurt.  A lot.

Why do I remember that so vividly now?  I mean I was 14!  Oh right…because I’m having a serious case of déjà vu!  During every game of that 10-game slide, I’d say the same thing:  “ARE WE EVER GOING TO WIN AGAIN?!”

The funny thing is, that team finished the year 4 games over .500; at 74-70 to be exact.  That was a strike shortened season, if you recall.  So am I saying that your current Texas Rangers will finish over .500?

I have no idea, obviously.  They very well could, there is A LOT of season left.

All I know is that for the past three months I’ve been saying over and over again, “They’re actually doing much better than they should considering all of their injuries”.  Now is just the time that it’s all catching up.  How could we expect this team to stay afloat, let alone be playoff contenders, at the rate of all of these injuries?  I was going to count up our DL stints, but I’m afraid to.  It’s been utterly ridiculous.

Okay…FINE.  I know you want to know:  your Texas Rangers have used the DL 20 times.  TWENTY times.

I’m just writing all of this to give you a virtual hug.  Ready for the hug part?  The 1996 Texas Rangers won the AL West for the first time ever!  See?  Better days are ahead. There’s no way we can’t win the West in 2015 according to this history.

So hang in there, champ. We’ll be okay.

77 down, 85 to go.

Your Texas Rangers are 35-42.

Oh…and I bet you’re wondering why Adrian Beltre is the image at the top of this post…

We needed at least one happy thought, right?  Yay 2,500 hits!