What Are Texas Rangers Fans To Do?


Let’s all face it, this road trip has started out just about as badly as it could have. Joe Saunders lost his job over his start Monday night, Elvis Andrus brought absolutely nothing to the table Tuesday night. Actually, that’s wrong. He brought in at least 4 runs for the Orioles with his huge error. Also, Shin-Soo Choo dropped a home run that it looked to me like he should have caught.

Nick Martinez struggled, but his defense didn’t help him in the least bit. The Texas Rangers are giving up home runs at a higher rate than they used to hit them. And that is saying something. The United States Mens World Cup team lost with grace and style and extreme passion, the Texas Rangers lost with reckless abandoned. It has  just not been pretty.

Rougned Odor was the one bright spot in last nights game. So what are Texas Rangers fans to do? We can’t give up on our team, because that is not who we are. We can complain about them, as I am sure we will all do. We can hope that they will get better, which they will. We can continue to write and read about them, which I will continue to do. Even though the 2014 season feels hopeless, we need to all remember that it’s still Texas Rangers baseball and Texas has pride in their sports teams, even when they are not winning.

Let’s not become those kind of fans that abandon our teams because they are going through a rough patch, and lets all continue chanting “Lets Go Rangers!!”