Even Yu Darvish Cant Break Through


Wins and the Texas Rangers are not on the same page right now. In fact, they are no where close  to the same page. The Texas Rangers lost their sixth game in a row last night, the second such streak in the last month or so for the Rangers. To make matters worse, Yu Darvish, the ace of the staff, was the one who couldn’t get it done.

This team is really having trouble getting wins at the moment, and the fact that Yu Darish seems to be the only starter capable of getting wins is a bad thing, especially looking at last night. The Rangers are still putting forth the kind of effort that can make the fan base proud however. I am impressed with the fact that these guys are playing hard even if the results are not there.

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It must be tough to watch your entire starting rotation struggle, including Yu Darvish, watching the bull pen struggle, and watching the offense struggle, but they are (in my opinion) giving maximum effort.

I can’t ask for more right now. Neftali Feliz did pretty good after walking the first two he faced, and that was an unexpected surprise. I figured that he would struggle in his first outing of 2014, but that was not the case. The Texas Rangers will try it again tonight, hopefully it will be a shorter affair. Lets Go Rangers!