Things That Are Higher Than Colby Lewis’ ERA Tonight


Let’s just say that tonight, Colby maybe did not have his best performance against the Angels. Lewis gave up 13 runs on 13 hits in just 2.1 innings pitched, raising his ERA to 6.54 for the season. He was on pace to give up 127 runs tonight. I thought I would take a minute and look at some things that are higher than Colby Lewis ERA tonight, you know, because why not?

Here is a  comprehensive list of things that are higher then the ERA that Colby Lewis had tonight:

Cheech and Chong just barely made the list, and you have to go back to the sixties and seventies. I think anyway.

The amount of times that the Rangers have used the DL is higher than Colby Lewis ERA.

The amount of times someone on ESPN Radio says the name “Lebron James” is actually higher than Colby Lewis ERA.

Commercial Airliners fly just slightly higher than the ERA of Colby tonight.

The amount of twitter users that follow the Rangers also just barely made the list.

The number of Texas Rangers fans that still wish it was 2010.

The number of fans annoyed by Jim Knox.

The moon.

The number of beers drank during a Texas Rangers game these days.

And finally, the entire state of Colorado.

Seriously folks, evertime I think this Rangers team can’t get any worse, they go and do this. At least the season is over halfway over. I still love the Rangers, even if they are the worst team in baseball this season.