What’s Wrong With Yu Darvish?


Yu Darvish has been nothing short of excellent since joining the Texas Rangers rotation in 2012. Darvish has amassed 648 strikeouts in just 78 starts (that’s 516.1 innings pitched), and he has a winning percentage of .617. He began the season in April and May pitching some incredible baseball, he had a record of 4-2 and and ERA of 2.35 coming into June. But in his last three starts he has given up 15 runs (14 earned), he has struck out an average of 8 batters per game and he has only gone deeper than 6 innings once in the last four starts.

Yu Darvish is much better than what we saw from him last night. So it leads bloggers like me to wonder, is he hurt? Is he losing concentration? Is he bored? Why does he have an ERA of 4.74 in his last three starts? Honestly, only Yu Darvish knows the answer to those questions. But we can all speculate.

It could be because he saw how much money Masahiro Tanaka got from the Yankees, but I seriously doubt it. It could be because his defense is so bad behind him right now that he has no trust in them and he is trying to make the perfect pitch every time. It could also be that he is injured in some way and he does not want to tell the organization because he know how much is riding on his arm. Whatever the case may be, he has not been himself in the last three few starts, and all that we can hope is that he comes back after the all star break and is ready to go like the Yu Darvish at the beginning of the season.

I have faith that he will pull out of what ever has been ailing him and causing him to not pitch his best. Yu Darvish is the Texas Rangers ace, and I believe that he will continue to be for years to come.