What kind of Rangers fan are you?


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Well the first half of the 2014 season has come to a close with little fanfare; at least for Rangers fans.  I think we could all use four days “off”, am I right?

The Rangers have lost 9 of their last 10 games and that’s absolutely no fun.  But, I figure, if the team won’t be fun, we can make our own fun…dang it!

So here you have this…a quiz:  What kind of Rangers fan are you?

Don’t you just love all of the Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook?  Why not have one of our own?  Ready?

Below are your questions.  Count up you’re A’s, B’s, Cs, and D’s to find out just which kind of Rangers fan you are.

Yay!  We’re having fun again!

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Okay, Rangers fans…tally ‘em up!

Are you?

Mostly A’s:

Rusty Greer – You’re die-hard.  Good team, bad team…doesn’t matter.  You’ll dive into a wall and wreck your insides to show your support.  You’re there watching every game for a 10-game losing streak, the World Series, and everything in between.  Bravo!  (Also…you know who Rusty Greer is)

Mostly B’s:

Nelly Cruz – You’re a nice guy.  But you’re a little delusional.  We know you love your team, but they just can’t be good every year.  It’s not possible.  You hear “20 games under .500” and you just think playoffs sound like a challenge.  PLAYOFF BOUND!  Unfortunately, much like Nelly himself, you’ll be hit by an $8 million deal…er, reality check right in the face.  Not to fear, we love your optimism.  But sometimes, you gotta keep it real.

Mostly C’s:

Alex Rodriguez – You’re a Debbie Downer.  Rangers lose the game?  “Eh, I told you they suck”.  Rangers win the ALCS?  “Eh, they’ll lose it in the World Series”.  Remember the guys in Major League that sat in the outfield and called Rick Vaughan “Vile Thing”?  Yeah, that’s you.  Except we all know why you’re doing this.  You don’t want to get hurt.  We understand.  But have some faith.  We’ll be good again!

Mostly D’s:

Vicente Padilla – You’re a loose cannon!  Up and down, up and down.  We don’t know what to expect from you!  Rangers are winning and you’re like “GO RANGERS!”  Rangers are losing and you’re jumping off the bandwagon faster than we can say claw and antlers.  Pull yourself together!  And take some cues from Rusty Greer up there.

See?  We make our own fun.

Enjoy the Home Run Derby tonight!

95 down, 67 to go.

Your Texas Rangers are 38-57.