Joey Gallo Breaks a Window


Joey Gallo put on a show at the 2014 Futures All-Star game on Sunday afternoon in Minnesota. He hit what wound up being the All-Star game winning 2 run shot and was named the MVP of the game, kind of what we have all come to expect from super prospect Joey Gallo.

But that is not all he did. He also put on a show during batting practice. He cleared the stadium on one of his batting practice jacks and broke someone’s windshield in the process.

The problem is that Joey Gallo is not quite major league ready yet, even though all Texas Rangers fans would like nothing more than to see this guy in a Texas Rangers uniform swinging the bat. He is only 20 years old and he tends to strike out quite a bit (49 strikeouts in 119 plate appearances at AA level this season). The Texas Rangers are not going anywhere this season, so it is okay to sit back and watch Joey Gallo develop into a major league talent.

We all know that Joey Gallo is going to replace Adiran Beltre full time in 2016, and he will probably get called up at some point during the season in 2015, but for now lets enjoy this young prospect with some pretty amazing power.