Texas Rangers Second Half Rotation


The Texas Rangers finished the first half of the season with a rotation that looks like this:

Yu Darvish (2.97 ERA)

Colby Lewis (6.54 ERA)

Nick Tepesch (4.31 ERA)

Miles Mikolas (10.05 ERA)

Scott Baker (6.24 ERA)

That gives the Texas Rangers starting pitching an ERA of 6.02. I don’t believe that you are going to see the same rotation in the second half of the season. Nick Martinez (5.10 ERA) will return from the DL sometime at the end of July, Derek Holland will also return at some point. So what will the Texas Rangers do with their rotation?

I believe that it will be Yu Darvish and a bunch of moving pieces. Look for guys like Phil Irwin, Ryan Feierabend, Justin Germano, and Jerome Williams as well at others to get a shot at the rotation for at least one turn in the second half. The Texas Rangers need to see what they have before they make moves going into next season.

So I believe that the rotation by August will be as such:

Yu Darvish

Derek Holland

Nick Tepesch

Nick Martinez

Mikolas/Irwin/Williams/Feierabend/Germano etc…

The Texas Rangers are now playing for pride and for the future more than anything else, and I for one really hope that there is a lot of pride left on this squad. IT is time to take a few days to breath, and then it is baseball time in Texas again!