The World Series Home Field Advantage is Decided Already


The All-Star game was a good exhibition game this year. I enjoyed watching it, I enjoyed watching Yu Darvish pitch, I enjoyed watching Adrian Beltre play, and I enjoyed seeing Derek Jeter honored, even if he is a Yankee. But there is one thing that I just cannot get over: why does a exhibition game decide home field advantage in the World Series? Why?

Imagine if the NFL decided where the Super Bowl was held by who had the best record in the pre-season, or if the NBA decided home court advantage by whoever won the dunk contest? What if the NHL decided the Stanley Cup home ice advantage by the All-Star game? It would be stupid, right? Just like the baseball all-star game deciding home field advantage is stupid.

Admittedly, I am still bitter that the Texas Rangers, who had the best record in baseball in 2011, did not have home field advantage because the AL lost the All-Star game. The best team earned the right to have home field advantage, and they should get it. It seems wrong and unintelligent to decide it any other way.

The Texas Rangers are not going to the World Series this season, but that is not the reason I don’t like it. I think it needs to be changed, agree or disagree?