Breaking Down the Rangers Second Half

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Record: 37-30

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The rest of July is going to be tough, admittedly. The Texas Rangers have the Blue Jays, The Yankees, The Athletics and then the Yankees again. In those 13 games, I think the Texas Rangers should go 5-8. They will take one from the Blue Jays, three from the Yankees and one from the Athletics.

August the Texas Rangers should go 17-11. They are playing the Astros for seven (5-2), The Indians (2-1) and the Whitesox (2-1), the Rays for 4 (2-2), The Mariners for three (1-2), also the Angels (1-2) Marlins (2-0) and the Royals for three (2-1). The Texas Rangers have the talent, all they have to do is put it together and have decent pitching and they can have a pretty good August.

September is much harder to predict because of all of the September callups, but I am going to say they finish strong with a 14-12 record, giving them a 37-30 record for  the last 67 games.