2014 Plays of the First Half: Texas Rangers Edition

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Donnie Murphy: 4/1 vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Murphy catches a line drive then throws to first base for a double play.

4/28 vs. Oakland Athletics,

Donnie Murphy

catches a chopper off of

Alberto Callaspo

bat tags

Daric Barton

, tosses it to Fielder for a great double play!

Josh Wilson: 4/13 vs. Houston Astros, Wilson reaches out to to snag a liner from L.J. Hoes

4/13 vs. Houston Astros, Wilson makes a diving catch with a quick throw to first and robs Jose Altuve of a base hit

Rougned Odor: 5/8 vs. Colorado Rockies, In his debut he scoops a grounder and throws to Elvis Andrus for a 4-6-3 double play. WELCOME TO THE RANGERS ROOGIE!

5/12 @ Houston Astros, Roogie is so good he catches the ball with his jersey.

6/27 vs. Minnesota Twins, Odor robs Kendrys Morales of a base hit with a backhanded stop and throw to first.

7/7 vs. Houston Astros, Roogie runs into shallow-center and makes an over-the-shoulder catch!