2014 Plays of the First Half: Texas Rangers Edition

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Shin-Soo Choo: 4/15 vs. Seattle Mariners,  Choo runs and reaches to his right to grab a line drive for the out.

5/11 vs. Boston Red Sox, Choo runs and makes a sliding catch to rob A.J. Pierzynski of a base hit.

6/4 vs. Baltimore Orioles, Choo plays the ball off the wall and fires it to second to get Caleb Joseph out.

Michael Choice: 6/11 vs. Miami Marlins, Choice fields a single off of Marcell Ozuna’s bat and throws to second for the out. You knew I’d include a Michael Choice play, right?

Daniel Robertson: 7/7 vs. Houston Astros, Robertson runs and dives to rob Chris Carter.

7/11 vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Robertson tracks down Josh Hamilton’s fly ball for the out!

Jake Smolinski: 7/12 vs. Los Angeles Angels,  SMO makes two diving catches to rob both Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols of a base hit. SMO can stay as long as he’d like!


The right field has been owned by one player so far this season, Alex Rios. I think we tend to forget about Rios, presumably because there is little drama around him. He knows what his job is, he comes to the game prepared and ready to play and gives the Texas Rangers his best. I can’t ask for more than that.

3/31 vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Rios makes a leaping catch for the out.

4/19 vs. Chicago White Sox, Rios tracks down a line drive and makes a sliding catch for the out.

5/8 vs. Colorado Rockies, RiosGrande catches a line drive and launches to home to complete the inning-ending double play!

5/16 vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Alex Rios runs to the wall and makes a leaping catch for the out.