2014 Plays of the First Half: Texas Rangers Edition

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Daniel Robertson

: 6/7 at Oakland Athletics, Robertson fields the ball and launches it home to nab

Jed Lowrie

6/24 vs. Detroit Tigers, Robertson catches a fly ball on the run off of Miguel Cabrera’s bat.

7/4 @ New York Mets, Daniel Robertson lays out to end the inning.

Leonys Martin: For Martin’s section of plays I’ll give you the date and who the Texas Rangers were playing, but for his plays I simply say this: Leonys Martin has NEVER met a wall he didn’t like!

4/4 at Tampa Bay Rays

4/11 vs. Houston Astros

4/16 vs. Seattle Mariners

4/17 vs. Seattle Mariners

4/19 vs. Chicago White Sox

4/25 at Seattle Mariners

4/28 vs. Oakland Athletics

5/17 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

7/2 at Baltimore Orioles

7/3 at Baltimore Orioles

7/12 vs. Los Angeles Angels