Texas Rangers Lose to Rain


Yu Darvish balked and threw one bad pitch, and that was all it took for the Yankees to win a rain shortened game against the Texas Rangers. Darvish was really on a roll before the balk in the fifth, and it looked like that maybe was the cause of the home run as well, a short lack of concentration.

Of course the game would not have ended when it did if it wasn’t for the trouble that the grounds crew had getting the tarp on the field during a downpour. I am not blaming them for trying to do it on purpose or anything like that, it just seems to be the way that Texas Rangers baseball is going right now.

Of course Geovany Soto is re-injured, Jake Smolinski, Alex Rios, and Shin-Soo Choo are all dealing with ankle injuries. So it is important when Yu Darvish is on the mound that the Texas Rangers get a win, or at least get a full game.

Either way, the Texas Rangers fall back to 20 games under .500 and they have a quick turnaround today at noon against former Texas Rangers pitcher Brandon McCarthy. Games like last night are frustrating for sure, but rain shortened games are just part of baseball. Hopefully the Texas Rangers can get the win today before heading home to take on Oakland.