Trade Rumors: Texas Rangers Neal Cotts


Continuing our series on Texas Rangers Trade Rumors, today I am going to talk about Neal Cotts. As the MLB Trade Rumors fly around, it has been pretty quiet on Neal Cotts, although T.R. Sullivan says that the Texas Rangers are willing to listen on him.

Neal Cotts had an amazing comeback year in 2013, and has not fared as well in the 2014 campaign, but he has looked better of late. There is not a lot of chatter on Neal Cotts, but I know that a few teams could use a good end of the game left handed specialist.

According to, some of the teams reportedly looking for left handed relief pitching are the Braves and several other teams could be interested in Neal Cotts but it is not like people are knocking down Jon Daniels door for Cotts, at least not publicly.

If the Texas Rangers wind up trading Cotts away, don’t expect the same type of haul they just brought in from the Tigers. I would expect a Low A or High A mid range prospect or two, or maybe on mid range AA prospect, but that is all I would expect to get in return for Neal Cotts.

Do I think Neal Cotts is going to be traded? I honestly do not know, but I know that trade rumors are fun to talk about! As long as the Texas Rangers can make their team better for next season, I am okay with a Neal Cotts trade.