Unlikely Texas Rangers Heroes


I wrote an article yesterday predicting how the Texas Ranger would fare against he Athletics yesterday, and I was not very optimistic in my outlook.

"“I would like to sit here and tell you that the Texas Rangers have a great chance to come home and defeat the Athletics two out of three times, or even a good chance of taking one of the three games, but I would be lying to you if I did…Anything is possible in baseball, so the Texas Rangers could surprise me and win this series, but I am not holding my breath, it has been almost a month since the Texas Rangers have won a series.”"

Well as I said in my piece yesterday, anything is possible. Even though I go into each game with a realistic outlook, I still hope that the Texas Ranger are going to win every game, just like I always do. I just don’t always expect it.

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Since the All Star break, the Texas Rangers have been playing some pretty good baseball, and last night was no exception. Newly acquired starter Jerome Williams went six innings while giving up just 1 run, and he got himself out of several jams during that period. Once again the bull pen shined, anchored by the first Neftali Feliz save since the 2011 World Series. The bull pen once again gave up no runs.

On the offensive side, Elvis Andrus had a very good game including a triple, and the middle of the order, Alex Rios, Adrian Beltre, Jim Aducci and J.P. Arencibia,  came through with all four RBI. Other guys were getting on base against the Athletics pitching as well, and only Leonys Martin, Robinson Chirino and Rougned Odor went hitless. The offense looked better too.

It is a big deal to win a game against the Athletics, and to win a game in front of a big home crowd, so last night was a big deal in my opinion. This team is starting to look much better, and I hope that trend continues. I am still not going to expect them to win every night, but I sure am going to hold out hope that this team will continue to compete and continue to improve as each night comes and goes. I love being wrong when I predict losing for the Texas Ranger, and I hope they continue to prove me wrong!