This is my first article for Nolan Writin’. I hope this piece is tantamount to the Babe stepping between the chalk lines for the first time, Michael Jordan lacing up his first pair of sneakers, Troy Aikman tossing his first touchdown, or even Harry Potter receiving his first wand from Ollivander’s. In actuality, this may be most similar to Christian Guzman slipping on his first Rangers uniform in 2010. Time will tell.

This piece serves as an atlas, a guide to my inner baseball thoughts and a reference for you to judge my future musings. This piece can serve as a gateway to (in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice) a meaningful and long-lasting relationship between myself and you, the reader. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So, without further adieu:

I believe Jon Daniels is the man.

I believe the sac bunt is useful in moderation. (Looking at you, Elvis)

I believe Yu Darvish throws seven different kinds of smoke.

I believe it’s way too early to give up on Jurickson Profar. I mean… c’mon… he’s 21.

I believe Joey Gallo is our baseball savior. Oh, but look at the K rate! … Not buying it.

I believe Ron Washington takes too much heat and receives too little credit. That’s the way fans go.

I believe the A’s are the enemy and the bane of every Rangers fan’s existence.

I believe any former Ranger who signs within the division is committing betrayal on par with the most heinous crimes. Well, maybe not – but still. Stop.

And most of all: I believe anyone who blames Nelson Cruz for Game 6 fails to realize Mark Lowe pitched in the 11th inning.

I’m aiming to be the Nolan Ryan of blog-writing, so if I don’t reach it, I’ll hopefully land somewhere around the David Murphy range. Just not Christian Guzman.

I’m looking forward to spreading my totally biased and semi-filtered views with the Rangers community. Until then, we’ll just count the days until Joey Gallo gets the call.