Did Billy Beane just build a World Series team with Jon Lester?


As the trade deadline nears Billy Beane (General Manager of the Oakland Athletics) made a blockbuster deal to receive Jon Lester and Johnny Gomes  from the Boston Red Sox for Yoenis Cespedes.  So far this season it has appeared that almost everything Beane has done has worked out well.

On the Texas Rangers front, despite making several trades and acquisitions during the offseason it appears that nothing Jon Daniels has done has worked out.  It seems almost across the board everyone agrees that this year’s Oakland Athletics team is a top contender in the division and more importantly the American League. It’s probably not a fair to compare Jon Daniels and Billy Beane this year, but when you do everything points to Beane having the advantage.  He’s built a very good team and it just seems to keep getting better.   Now that things are seem to be in that direction, this is the year the he’s putting everything in the pot to win it all.

Others react to the trade and also think Billy Beane intends to win it all.

It’s hard to disagree that the Oakland Athletics are a good team.  They currently have the best record in baseball at 66-41 with a 2.5 game lead of the second place Los Angeles Angels.  They have been tough to beat in every game and never give up.   They continue to fight and claw their way to the win column what seems to be every night.  They never seem to be out of a game until the final out.

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For the Texas Rangers 2010 and 2011 was their year, it seems like 2014 it is Billy Beane’s and the Oakland Athletics year.  Adding Jon Lester to a starting rotation that is already doing very well almost assures you that they’ll go deep in the playoffs and are a favorite to make the World Series.   You might not like the A’s, but they’ve built a great team the right way and deserve the rewards from it.