Saturday Night Baseball: Round Rock Express Style


Tonight I will be covering The Round Rock Express game for this site. Iam lookin forward to watching some minor league talent as well as some major league talent. Robbie Ross is scheduled to start tonight, Michael Choice, Carlos Pena and other former and future major leaguers will be taking the field.

I always love watching minor league ball, and I like covering it even more. Follow me on Twitter @therangerreport to folow what is happening with the Express game tonight. I am about to have a sit down with Round Rock catcher Brett Nicholas and that will air in it’s entirerty on next week’s Ranger Report Podcast.

I look forward to bringing you coverage all night on Twitter, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Tonight is also Jackie Moore Round Rock Express Hall of Fame induction, and it is well deserved for the first ever manager in RoundRock Express history. There will be a pre-game ceremony honoring the first every Round Rock Express hall of famer.

So sit back and enjoy the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians game tonight, and follow me on twitter to keep up with the Round Rock Express team that may just be headed to the post season!