Frisco Rough Riders: Must see baseball


This season isn’t going well for the Texas Rangers this season, but there are still plenty of exciting things to watch.  One fans should be watching is their double-A team the Frisco Rough Riders.

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The Rough Riders has been a place this season where Matt Harrison, Joe Saunders, Derek Holland, and Geovany Soto have played for their rehab assignments.   For Texas Rangers fans it gives them an excellent opportunity to see these veterans and big stars up close.  When I say up close, I mean you’ll get to sit closer up to the action to watch them play and often interact with them along the first base and third base side.

During several of the games I’ve been to there have always been players, including pros signing autographs and talking to the fans.  For fans young and old it’s an experience they’ll love and never for get.

Besides for watching some of the veterans doing their rehab assignments, going to a Frisco Rough Riders game is a great place to watch some of the Texas Rangers top prospects.

Do you want to know who the next third baseman will be for the Rangers once Adrian Beltre is done?   More than likely it will be Joey Gallo in 2016 and beyond.  He quickly making a name for himself in the minors.  He had a very explosive season while he was in the Carolina League and has continued that trend now in the Texas League.  He still holds the home run lead in the Carolina league even though he’s been gone for over a month and is closing in on the lead in the Texas League.

Also, the Texas Rangers recently promoted catcher Jorge Alfaro from the Myrtle Beach Pelicans to the Rough Riders.  He’s show plenty of power also, but his quickness behind the plate has been compared to Ivan Rodriguez.   He is still a few years from being with the Rangers, but he’s easily part of their short term catcher plans.

The Rough Riders also have (Chi Chi) Alex Gonzalez and Will Lamb.   Gonzalez should sometime be in the rotation and Lamb will make a great reliever for the team.

For any Rangers fan, getting up to Frisco should be a top priority.   The Rangers have one of the top ranked farm systems in the league and when you see it for yourself you’ll understand why.  Also, that should make you feel better about 2015 and beyond.  The team is clearly built for the future and will be a contender again soon.