J.P. Arencibia cried during the Notebook


Yesterday’s Texas Rangers game against the Houston Astros game everyone found out that J.P. Arencibia cried during the Notebook.  Well, we don’t actually know if he did indeed cry during the Notebook, but the Astros’ mascot Orbit did have some fun yesterday with some signs that were directed towards J.P. Arencibia.

Sunday’s events were partly because Orbit was getting revenge for J.P. Arencibia hitting him with a bat on Saturday.  Now don’t be alarmed, Arencibia wasn’t trying to put Orbit into orbit.

Watch: J.P. Arencibia hits Astros Orbit with the bat

On Sunday Arencibia was the focus of Orbits signs, that started off stating he cried during the Notebook.  After his first sign Arencibia grounded out and the signs would continue to try to distract J.P. Arencibia.  Doubtful that Orbit really distracted him that much to cause him to groundout, but it did make for some fun baseball.

More pictures from the Houston Astros Twitter account showing Orbit and his J.P. Arencibia signs.

The Rangers did manage to put away all of the distracts from Orbit and managed to win the final game in the 3-game series.  But, overall the game really didn’t matter.  Both teams have been out of the playoff race since May.  It was nice to see both teams having fun and it appeared the Arencibia took it kindly.  Maybe next time Arencibia won’t use his bat to hit a mascot.

Watch: Houston Astros mascot Orbit tries to distract Texas Rangers first baseman J.P. Arencibia with signs