Miss Texas and Rangers Just Miss


The Texas Rangers had Miss Texas throw out the first pitch of the game on Friday night against the Angels, and it didn’t miss the plate by much. (see video above). Okay, maybe it did. It was a good representation of how far the Texas Rangers are from being contenders this season.

One thing I will say about the game last night is that it was very entertaining to watch, as the Rangers clawed and scratched their way back into what could have been a blowout. Adrian Beltre is on fire right now, and the rest of the team came alive near the end of the game as they almost upset the Angels in what looked like it would be a comfortable win for them.

Nick Martinez showed improvement again, the defense was not horrendous, and they mounted a pretty decent comeback against the Angels. All I am hoping for at this point is that the Rangers can be the spoiler to someone before the season is over and that the September call ups are going to be fun to watch.

So move over Carley Rae Jepsen and 50 Cent, Miss Texas is the next in a line of really funny first pitches. I wonder if the Rangers were thinking about throwing here out there in the eighth inning…