Groundhog Day


If the score of last night’s Rangers game looks familiar to you that’s because it was exactly the same as the day before. Different day, same result. The Rangers got behind, mounted a big comeback that just fell one run short of tying the game. The score was once again 5-4.

The Rangers are fighting very hard right now. There was an amazing catch my Leonys Martin.

There was the amazing grab by Jim Aducci. Colby Lewis struck out 10 Angels. Overall, Colby looked pretty good, but it was the 2 out 2 run single by Kole Calhoun in the fourth inning.

"“It was just a situation where, with the bases loaded, I felt like I made a decent 0-0 pitch and he just came out hacking and broke his bat, and it was able to drop in,” Lewis said. “He’s swung the bat pretty well against us. It just stinks that that was the deciding factor.”"

The Rangers try again to take at least one out of three in a series and snap a 4 game losing streak. The Rangers are now 47-76 with 39 games remaining this season. It would be a minor miracle at this point if the Rangers don’t lose 100 games. The Rangers and the Rockies are the only teams in baseball to yet win 50 games.

I’ll keep watching and I know you will too. But I will say 2015 can’t get here fast enough.