Jim Adduci Leaves Game Early After Awkward Collision (Video)


Jim Adduci left tonight’s game early after an awkward collision with Rougned Odor and the ground, according to T.R. Sullivan. Jim Adduci and Odor were going for a foul ball and it looked like Odor just couldn’t get out of the way in time, and both players went down hard. Odor tried very hard to get out of the way.

None of us should even be surprised at this point when a player in a Rangers uniform goes down and possibly gets injured, because that is the way of the 2014 season. Before it is all said and done, the Rangers will break the major league record for most position players used and most pitchers used in a season by any team, ever. That pretty much sums up the entire 2014 Texas Rangers season.

As much as I love watching Texas Rangers baseball, I am really ready for this season to be over in a big way. I am tired of watching leads either go away or never happen, I am tired of learning a new Texas Rangers name every night, and I am tired of talking about the future because there is not much left to talk about for this season. I still love my Rangers and I really hope that Jim Adduci is going to be okay, but I am so ready for 2015 to get here!