Joey Gallo Continues His Tear


Joey Gallo has 41 home runs and 101 RBI in the minors this season so far. 20 of those home runs and 51 of the RBI have come at the AA level in Frisco. His slash line is .237/.333/.527. He is really something to watch. You need to see him play if you have not yet. Joey Gallo will not be a September call up because he is just not ready yet. You ask why? In 523 plate appearances, he has walked 83 time while striking out 175 times.  That means he strikes out roughly once every three at bats. And it is higher than that if you just look at AA he strikes out 40% of the time.

Joey Gallo has the kind of power that Rangers fans are longing to see at the ballpark soon,

The Rangers have hit 96 home runs as a team while Joey Gallo has hit 41.

but we all need to remember that the Rangers still have All-Star

Adrian Beltre

to man third for the majority of the time, and Joey Gallo strikes out a lot. But man can he hit when he connects with the ball. His raw power is off the charts, and he could be the future power hitter the Rangers are so desperate for right now.

The Rangers lack of power has been well documented here and other places, and it is part of the reason the Rangers have had a down season. The Rangers have hit 96 home runs as a team while Joey Gallo has hit 41. Think about that. Frisco as a whole has hit 106 and Round Rock has jacked 145 home runs. The Rangers have power in their minor league system, we just have to wait a little longer to see it here in Texas.

Joey Gallo is a rare talent, and the Rangers would be foolish to get rid of him in any sort of a trade, no matter who they get in return. I know I keep saying I can’t wait for 2015 to get here, but 2016 will be pretty exciting as well when I believe that Joey Gallo will be the Rangers every day third baseman. He will be very fun to watch indeed!