Is it Time To Send Nick Martinez Back Down?


Nick Martinez was surprised earlier this season when he was called up to the majors, but he was ready for the challenge. He did pretty good in his major league debut, pitching 6 innings and taking the 5-4 loss. He gave up only 3 earned runs to the Rays on that April night.

Nick went on to give up 5 earned runs in the month of April in 16 innings pitched, then he gave up seven earned runs in the month of May in 23.1 innings pitched, giving him an ERA of 2.75 at the end of May. That is pretty good by anyone’s standards. Then June came, and his ERA began to climb. At the end of June, Nick Martinez ERA was 4.65, July it went up to 5.08, and now at the end of August it sits at 5.31.

It is hard to take the fact that the Ranger have so many rookies playing this season, and when the team has been winning over the last few seasons, it is hard to take the record that they are sporting right now. Nick Martinez is still having good games (He beat Houston and Miami in the month of August, giving up only two earned runs per game), but overall he has dropped off from April and May.

I personally believe that he should not be sent back down, because experience is invaluable to a major league rookie. The Texas Rangers are not going anywhere this season, that is for sure, so why not let Nick Martinez finish out the season and see what you have in him in September. After that, the Rangers should evaluate him during the off-season and decide if he should pitch another year in the minors or have a chance to pitch once again in the majors.

Young pitchers like Nick Martinez don’t have it all figured out yet, and it is good to let them learn on the job. What do you think? Send him down or let him keep trying with the Rangers? I would enjoy hearing your opinion on the matter!