Rangers Go From Bad To Worse


Watching the Texas Rangers last night was like watching a dumpster fire or a slow car wreck. At this point I just can’t look away because I still love my Rangers, but they are making it hard to be enjoyable.

"“Robbie Ross feels bad right now,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said after the game according to texasrangers.com. “It just wasn’t his day. Robbie Ross was looking forward to this start but it didn’t happen like he wanted it to. It took a lot out of him. The guy was ready to go. It just didn’t happen.”"

That’s a bit of an understatement. Robbie Ross didn’t even make it out of the second inning, and his starting hopes may be over at this point. The Ranger have now lost six straight games and their record is a dismal 53-87.

Spencer Patton and Lisalverto Bonilla made their major league debuts and Patton did excellent while Bonilla did good himself, but it was too late in the game for any help at that point. With only 22 games left in the season, the Rangers only hope now (and it is a slim one) is to avoid the 100 loss season. They would have to win 9 out of 22 for that to happen, and I just don’t see that being a possibility right now.

Tonight the Rangers have Nick Martinez on the mound. Maybe he can snap the losing streak.