The Latest on the Ron Washington Resignation


Updated: According to Jamie Kelly of the Scoop, it wasn’t the differences and the argument between Wash and JD, it was due to legal issues.  Read more here

ARLINGTON, Tex. — I’m sure you have heard by now that Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington resigned Friday afternoon.

Shortly afterwards, Texas Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels held a press conference. However, JD did not answer many questions pertaining to the details of why Washington abruptly resigned, except to say that it was not drug related. Which have many of us trying to understand what made Ron Washington resign.

Today, I have learned, via a source close to the situation, that Ron Washington’s resignation was due to an argument between himself and Jon Daniels.

Earlier this week JD informed Wash that he was going to shut Yu Darvish down for the rest of the season. According to the source, Ron Washington told Daniels that he didn’t agree with that because if Darvish is healthy he should still pitch and not quit on the team.

This lead to a screaming match near the batting cages and the two took the argument inside.

Later that day, after the game, Ron Washington was the last person in the clubhouse and wrote on the whiteboard: Team Meeting Tomorrow at 3:00pm.

Friday afternoon at 2:00pm, Ron Washington handed Jon Daniels his resignation.

At 3:00pm, Wash met with the players that were there in the clubhouse to let them know he was resigning.

More details to come.