The Short Tim Bogar Era Begins


Last night at The Globe (may as well call it that now since the season is just about over) the Tim Bogar era began the same way the Ron Washington ERA ended: with a loss.

"“Tim is well regarded, and he has the respect of his peers and players,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said Friday according to ESPN Dallas. “Hard-working, organized, knowledgeable about the game, respect among the staff — and he was a natural choice to manage the club down the stretch.”"

Tim didn’t get a lot of help from his pitching staff, also just like Ron Washington. I have the feeling that he will not be the Rangers manager come 2015, but I think he will get a shot to interview. He has just 22 games with a sub par team to prove that he is the man for the job, and that is asking a lot of anyone. Ron Washington took the Rangers to back to back World Series and he couldn’t get this team to perform in 2014.

It takes talent, teamwork and a little luck to win in the big leagues, and the Rangers have one of these things; talent. Don’t get me wrong, the core of this team is a tight knit group, but overall they do not really know each other and now Tim Bogar has to try and manage a bunch of shocked players. It’s not a job that would be easy for a seasoned veteran manager, never-mind a guy that has never managed in the majors.

I think Tim Bogar will do the best he can with what he has, but my thoughts are that the Tim Bogar era will be a short era indeed. Do you think I am wrong? Let me know!