Eighth Inning Too Much For Rangers to Overcome


For a good while last night, the Rangers were hanging in there with the Angels. The score was 2-1 for a while, then the eighth inning happened. The Rangers were getting runners on base, they just weren’t able to score those runners. The Angels had no problem scoring runners in that eighth inning.

Lewis officially gave up 3 runs in seven plus innings, but once again it was the bull pen that looked so bad in this one. Michael Kirkman and Spencer Patton were the only two pitchers for Tim Bogar not to give up any runs, although Kirkman only pitched 0.1 of an inning. The big blows came against Roman Mendez (3 earned runs in 0.1 of an inning) and Robbie Ross (3 earned runs in 0.1 of an inning). They both looked out of sorts and  I am just not sure what the Rangers should do with Robbie Ross.

The Rangers have now hit the 90 loss mark for the first time since 2003, and it isn’t going to stop there. If the Rangers keep it under 100 losses it would be a miracle. As the 2014 season draws to a close, Rangers fans can be thankful knowing that there is always next season. The Rangers have a lot of work to do between now and opening day in 2015, but it is good work if you can get it. I look forward to the off season more than I usually do this year.

Tonight the Rangers send Nick Tepesch to the hill, and I hope he can go all 9 innings, cause I have no faith in the bull pen right now. Let’s Go Rangers!