Texas Rangers can be Spoilers


The Texas Rangers have 13 games left to play in the 2014 season, and seven of those are against the Oakland Athletics. The two time division champs have been struggling of late, they went from World Series favorites running away with the division to being two losses and two Seattle and Royals wins away from being knocked out of the wild card. The Texas Rangers have the rare opportunity to do just that.

The Ranger need to just win both series against the Athletics and it would be difficult for the Swinging A’s to make the post season, especially the way Seattle has been playing lately. The only two wild cards in the equation are can the Royals take advantage of where they are since they are not used to it and can the Texas Rangers win both series? That has yet to be seen, but it is fun to talk and think about right now as the A’s series starts in just an hour from now.

The Texas Rangers season is not over now that they have this opportunity. It will be fun to watch them try and defeat the A’s and maybe end their post season dreams. As a Rangers fan who doesn’t want to see the A’s knocked out! So enjoy tonight’s game and root on your Rangers if for no other reason than to be a spoiler. That can be a lot of fun as well! Let’s Go Rangers!