Will Colby Lewis Return for 2015


According to T.R. Sullivan, Texas Rangers beat writer, Colby Lewis has initiated contract talks with the Rangers for the 2015 season.

“I’m hoping they will put together some kind of offer that will make me want to come back,” Lewis said according to the article.

Colby Lewis goes on to say that he initiated the conversation with Jon Daniels and that Daniels gave him a maybe answer. Lewis has pitched pretty well since the All-Star break, and he is the Texas Rangers all time winningest post season pitcher. My opinion; If the Rangers are counting on Colby Lewis to be the third or fourth starter in 2015, then they are in trouble, but if he is going to be the fifth guy in the rotation and not demand a big salary, then I say bring him back.

Colby Lewis has the attitude I like to see from a starter. He has a good game face, so to speak. Colby Lewis never looks like he is bothered by anything that happens during the course of a game (well, most of the time, unless Ian Kinsler shows him up). Colby Lewis is a work horse, and that is exactly what the Rangers need for a fifth starter.

So I say bring him back if his health is still good and he comes at the right price. If all the stars align and the Rangers have four good starters going into 2015, then I say lets bring Colby Lewis back! If not, then thanks for the memories Lewis!