Is Jurickson Profar Finished?


Jurickson Profar was known as the next great Texas Rangers superstar not that long ago, and he was the number one touted prospect in the Texas Rangers organization when he was called up. Rangers fans everywhere were excited to see what this young stud could bring to the organization and to the playing field. The Rangers even got rid of Ian Kinsler to make room for Jurickson.

But things did not go as planned during spring training, and Jurickson Profar went on the DL with some shoulder problems. No big deal. Then it got worse, he re-aggravated it. No big deal, but we are a little more worried. Then the Rangers decided to hold him out for the whole season because of the shoulder. Now it is becoming a problem. And just when young Jurickson Profar is getting ready to get back to baseball and play in the Dominican league this fall, you guessed it: shoulder trouble. So why has there not been surgery?

"“There are no cut-and-dried [surgical] deals with this,” general manager Jon Daniels said according to an article by Evan Grant. “It is Jurickson’s preference and we support it to rest and rehab the shoulder. We’re going to do all we can to strengthen it.”"

According to Grant Jurickson Profar’s shoulder problem may date all the way back to 2010, when he injured it diving into a base. So if it dates back that far, why should Rangers fans have any confidence that it will get better before the start of 2015?

With the above average play of one Rougned Odor and the average play of Luis Sardinas, I am not as worried about the second base position as I was when Jurickson went out and Donnie Murphy and Josh Wilson were manning the base. Rougned Odor has shown that he is ready to be an everyday player at second, and Sardinas has held his own as a backup while he was with the Rangers this season.

Am I saying that it is time to give up completely on Jurickson Profar? Am I saying that he is finished? No, I am not, but I am very worried that he will not ever fully recover or reach the potential that we all thought he would when his name was first being thrown around an the (then) shortstop of the future for the Texas Rangers. Jurickson Profar is not ready to play ball now, and he has not been ready since the start of spring training, so all I am saying is that I am worried about him. What do you think? Will he recover and be productive? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below!