Texas Rangers Season to End Tomorrow


When September began I was thinking that it was good that there was only one month to go before this season ended. It has been a very rough season to be a Texas Rangers fan indeed. Now that the season is officially going to end for the Texas Rangers tomorrow, My opinion has totally changed.

I am going to miss having something to watch every night on television, even if Texas Rangers baseball was not at it’s finest this season. I am going to miss Nick Martinez, Colby Lewis, Ryan Rua, Jake Smlolinski, Robinson Chirinos, Adrian Beltre and the rest of the squad being in my home every night. The truth is, good or bad, I love to watch Texas Rangers baseball every night of the week. I love the sights, the sounds, the chance to go to the game anytime I feel like it, the story lines of each game, and it is not something that I am prepared to let go just yet.

The fact that the Texas Rangers have been winning lately has also made it tougher, but even if they were still the worst team in baseball, I would feel the same way. The Rangers may just knock the A’s out of the post season on their way out, and as a Texas Rangers fan, that is something that I would enjoy watching. Come Monday, this is going to be one depressed Texas Rangers fan, and I am betting that a whole lot of you out there are feeling the same way. Let’s Go Rangers!