Colby Lewis likely to remain with the Texas Rangers in 2015


The Texas Rangers are not wasting any time on including Colby Lewis for their 2015 plans.  There have already been reports that Jon Daniels has contacted his agent Alan Nero to discuss a new deal.

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There isn’t a time table to get a deal done, but the Texas Rangers will be increasing their talks this week.  Colby Lewis seems to have a very good relationship with the club and everything have been indicating that he’ll return next season.

Colby Lewis was one of the big question marks when spring training started and even more when the season started.  No one knew how his hip would react and if he’d even be able to pitch again.  With hard work, dedication and persistence he’s been able to regain the form he had when he helped take the Rangers to the playoffs.  He’s a very good candidate for the American League Comeback player of the year. Hopefully everything will be worked out and he’ll return to the Texas Rangers next season.  He pitched well in 2014 and they could use him next season.  He’ll likely be their 4th or 5th starter next season and if he’s able to deliver the same thing then that should make for a solid rotation.

For the season Lewis had a 10-14 record, which was tied for the most wins with Yu Darvish.   Lewis admits it did take him awhile to get used to the new hip and once he did the numbers show it.

First Half stats:

  • 6.54 ERA over 16 games (84.0 innings)
  • 73 strikeouts
  • opposing batters average .353
  • 1.82 WHIP
  • 5.25 innings per game

Second Half stats:

  • 3.86 ERA over 13 games (86.1 innings)
  • 60 strikeouts
  • opposing batters average .251
  • 1.23 WHIP
  • 6.62 innings per game