Texas Rangers End of the Year Awards


Although the 2014 season is not officially over for MLB, the Texas Rangers season ended on Sunday. What comes with the end of a season? Awards of course!

The yearly awards are given to both the American League and National League players, and voted upon by writers, managers, coaches. However, I wanted to give the awards to just the Texas Rangers players.

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  • I let each of the writers at Nolan Writin’ submit their individual votes (no list of players was provided) in 9 different categories. Each category winner is a result of majority vote except for Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year, where first place votes are worth five points, second place votes are worth three points, and third place votes worth one point with the award going to the player with the most points overall.

    Most of the results aren’t that surprising; although, there are a few that caught me off-guard. So, without further ado I present your Texas Rangers 2014 Season Award Winners:

    GOLD GLOVE: Awarded to players judged to have exhibited superior individual fielding performances at each fielding position.

    FIRST BASE: Adam Rosales. First base is easily the most difficult position to vote for, that said, Rosales received the majority votes. He played in 32 games with 22 assists, one error, and 32 double plays turned for a fielding percentage (Fld%) of .996.

    SECOND BASE: Rougned Odor. No surprise here. Roogie played 110 games with 275 assists, 9 errors, and 70 double plays turned for a .981 Fld%. Not bad for the 20-year old rookie who was called to The Show for the injured Jurickson Profar.

    THIRD BASE: Adrian Beltre. I’m just going to give you Beltre’s numbers because we all know that Adrian Beltre deserves every award he gets, and even some he doesn’t. Here’s Beltre’s 3B fielding line: 136 G, 362 Ch, 206 A, 12 E, 25 DP, .967 Fld%

    SHORTSTOP: Elvis Andrus. I’m going to quote a voter here “He’s been good not great.” And with 18 errors in 153 games I think that pretty much sums up Andrus’ season. We know he is capable of being a better and hopefully he will play winter ball and show up to Spring Training in better shape than he did this year.

    LEFT FIELD:  Jim Adduci. This was a close race between Adduci and Shin-Soo Choo, but Adduci won in the end. He played 20 games at LF with 51 chances, 1 assist for a fielding percentage of 1.000.

    CENTER FIELD: Leonys Martin. No surprise here either. In 152 games Martin had 11 assists, three double plays turned with 8 errors. (I’m convinced that most of those errors occurred because of his not-so-loud voice.)
    RIGHT FIELD: Alex Rios. Playing in 114 games, Rios had 6 assists, 6 errors with two double plays for a .977 Fld%.

    CATCHER:  Robinson Chirinos. This was another no-brainer. Chirinos showed off his cannon of an arm in 91 games played. The rookie did nothing but impress behind the plate this season with 45 assists, 7 double plays turned with only 4 errors, and finishing the season with a .994 Fld%. Have we seen our new starting catcher? Yes, I believe we have.

    PITCHER: Yu Darvish. Maybe we’re all biased. Then again, maybe its Darvish’s 16 assists and one double play turned that we like. Either way Darvish earns the majority vote here.

    SILVER SLUGGER: Best offensive player at each position, paying special attention to batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. Again, not too many surprises with the winners at each position. But some of the numbers might surprise you, so I will only give the player’s final slash line of the season.

    FIRST BASE: Adam Rosales, .262/.328/.378

    SECOND BASE: Rougned Odor, .259/.297/.402

    THIRD BASE: Adrian Beltre, .324/.388/.492

    SHORTSTOP:  Elvis Andrus, .263/.314/.333

    LEFT FIELD: Shin-Soo Choo, .245/.348/.397 (played 63 G at LF)

    CENTER FIELD:  Leonys Martin, .274/.325/.364

    RIGHT FIELD: Alex Rios, .280/.311/.457

    CATCHER: Robinson Chirinos, .239/.290/.415

    DESIGNATED HITTER: Shin-Soo Choo, .244/.351/.372 (played 45 G at DH)

    PLATINUM GLOVE: Added in 2011, is the equivalent to the Gold Glove except it is voted on by the fans.

    Texas Rangers Platinum Glove winner is Leonys Martin. I like that Martin gets this award over Adrian Beltre. (I know, blasphemy) In 1,247.1 innings played Martin has yet to meet an outfield wall he doesn’t like. Leonys Martin finished the season leading the American League as CF/OF in Putouts with 415, and Range Factor per Game at 2.80. He is 2nd in the AL as CF/OF in Assists with 11, and double plays turned with three. Award well deserved indeed.

    Stay tuned for awards for Comeback Player of the Year, Reliever of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP!