Texas Rangers: Part ways with Opening day Second baseman


The Texas Rangers are starting to make moves in order to prepare for the Hot Stove season.  On Monday they parted ways with 3 players that were part of the 2014 season.  After using 64 different players this season it would seem like this list might get bigger throughout the offseason.

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The moves the team made included their Opening day second baseman Josh Wilson, first baseman Mike Carp and LHF Ryan Feierabend.  The Texas Rangers did offer each of them minor-league assignment, but all three declined and decided to become free agents.

Josh Wilson did have a few good streaks with the Texas Rangers, but that was short lived.  Even shorter was probably the time that Mike Carp spent with the club and most forgettable is Ryan Feierabend.  If it wasn’t for the volume of injuries that the team experience none of them would have probably played for the Rangers this season.

After having second baseman Rougned Odor play second base for most of the season Jon Daniels probably saw enough to have him return again next yet.  Also, Prince Fielder should resume his duties at first base and will be able to use a good infield utility player when needed such as Adam Rosales.  As far as pitching goes, as long as it isn’t Joe Saunders, almost anyone will be an improvement in the bullpen.  During the second half the season the starting rotation and the bullpen were already showing signs of improvement.