Tim Bogar should stay as the Texas Rangers bench coach


The Texas Rangers decided to hire Jeff Banister today as their manager instead of Tim Bogar.   Bogar is in his first year serving with the Texas Rangers.  

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Prior to the Texas Rangers he was the manager for the double-A Arkansas Travelers, which is a Los Angeles Angels affiliate, who managed to make it to the Texas League Championship Series on their third best season ever.  Before the 2013 season Tim Bogar spent 4 years with the Boston Red Sox as their first base coach, third base coach and bench coach.  He’s worked with some of the best that includes Terry Francona and Joe Maddon.

He clearly was an excellent candidate for the next manager of the Texas Rangers.  Now that they have decided to go another direction with Jeff Banister the main question is will Bogar stay.  Earlier this week the Rangers reported that they are allowing the people on their coaching staff to interview with other clubs.  Right now the only ones reported to be on the move are Gary Pettis to the Astros and Dave Magadan has interviewed for the New York Mets and Yankees.

Bogar is still under contract with the Texas Rangers and could likely stay as Banister’s bench coach.  Bogar last season did manager to help the Rangers to an outstanding finish to the regular season by going 14-8 to avoid a 100-loss season.  Also, he quickly gained popularity and support of the fans during that last month.

Besides for having the support of the players, fans and probably the front office, Bogar brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and experience.  He’s said to be a numbers guy who appreciates the Sabermetrics stats.  That’s one thing that Ron Washington never did really care for.  Washington was more of an old school manager who played the game by the feeling in his gut.  Bogar is said to also use his gut feeling, but considers the stats also.  While with the Boston Red Sox Tim Bogar attended the Sabermetrics conference in Boston.

Also, during his time in Boston he developed a new offensive player statistic and he’s done a lot with player development.   Since he utilized Sabermetrics that could have lead to the friction between him and Bobby Valentine.

Video: Tim Bogar talking about Sabermetrics

Since Bogar has that kind of background and the Texas Rangers has almost and overload of young players in the organization he would be perfect to work side-by-side with Jeff Banister.  And since both appreciate Sabermetrics it should cause a rift like it did in Boston.  Nothing has been announced today and it’s possible that a decision could be made by tomorrow.  Hopefully Bogar will stay and help players like Rougned Odor, Luis Sardinas and other young players like that.  Right now this club has a lot of talent that needs just that little push to make them great.